RFID flat reader

RFID flat reader

UHF Desktop All-in-One reader:  Easy to use, small, cost-effective. Group read 22 pcs textiles.



UHF Desktop All-in-One reader

Bulava 22

UHF Desktop All-in-One reader

Completely independent intellectual property design;

Fully support EPC CLASS1 G2, ISO18000-6C / 6B standards;

Low power consumption design, single + 9V power supply;Work in broad-spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed frequency transmission mode;

Highly reliable design to meet the requirements of severe working environment;


1. Serial communication interface RS232 (DB9 Male)

No Symbol Remark
1 NC N/A
2 TXD Serial communication data output
3 RXD Serial communication data input
4 NC N/A
5 GND Signal ground
6 NC N/A
7 NC N/A
8 NC N/A
9 NC N/A
2. USB interface (communication and power sup ply)


Item Symbol Value Unit

Voltage VCC 16 V
Working temperature TOPR -10~+55
Storage temperature TSTR -20~+75
Specification (based on working in TA = 25 ° C and VCC = + 9V environment)

Item Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit

Voltage VCC 8 9 12 V
Working current IC 0.5 1.2 A
Working frequency FREQ 840 860~868/902~928 960 MHz
Size L x W x H 420x300x24 mm



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