RFID manual sorting station

RFID manual sorting station

UHF Multi-Channel 4-Port Reader with Antenna:  1000pcs textiles group reading in 16 seconds fastest.




Poplar 50

UHF Sorting table



OPERATING TEMPERATURE             0-55、32-131

AIR PROTOCOL                                       EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6C

HOST INTERFACE                                  Windows10@INVENTORYSOFTWARE V1.2

POWER CONSUMPTION                     220V 50Hz, In motion750W/100W

HOST PROTOCOL                                  Specific standalone application and platform ,Micrsoft Cloud

OPERATING                                             Automatic prompting

WARANTY                                                 1 years



EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS LxWxH    Standard L 1200 x W 80 x H 750mm

STORAGE TEMPERATURE                  -15-70、5-158

Reading Quantity                                      Standard 20pcs

Standard                                                      US/CN



Industrial Control

US antenna and very low line loss feeder

Multi – Array Circular Polarization Antenna, Multi-angle scanning

US core RF module, maximum RF output 31.5dB

Wisdom Select Antenna Algorithm

Electromagnetic wave is completely shielded, scan only the RFID labels on the counter top


Industrial ControlMulti – Array Circular Polarization Antenna, Multi-angle scanningWisdom Select Antenna Algorithm


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