Do they really change your sheets?

Whether it is a hotel brand management company or the hotel itself, consumers cannot help but have more doubts about the hygiene of the hotel, let alone a budget hotel. News also revealed loopholes in hotel management.

For hoteliers or hotel brand managers, even if they take hotel hygiene first, it is still difficult to show their advantages when the consumers are trying to “choose the hotel”. Therefore, our technology was born.

See how we do it

We have chips in every linen

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Read linen QR c​​ode


Show cleaning & ​change

On the hotel booking app, quickly select exce​llent hotels for hygiene. Increase hotel revenue.

Still spend hours for each hotel?

The digital bill is clear
Still​ sorting by hand?

Usually there is a large amount of manual job for sorting linen before and after the dirty linen production line. If the linen belongs to the hotel and the number of hotel rooms is less than 50, it will be a great challenge for laundry factory to sort:

○ Need to be classified not only by hotel, but also by size and category, it is high labor input

○ Error caused delivery error, which may require compensation for hotel losses

○ It is very difficult to find workers who are willing to work because the temperature in the sorting area is very high.

The benefits of automation

Small automatic sorting line, low construction cost, touch screen interactive interface, easy to use.


○ Sorting logic can be set by: hotel, size, category.

○ Can work with cross-belt sorter. 

○ Small and compact. But it’s easy to expand.

○ Automatically remove linen with damaged labels.

Large automatic sorting line, connected to this equipment after all ironing machines. 

○ Programming settings are classified by hotel, size and type.

○ The same type of linen can be automatically stacked (1-5 pieces can be stacked)

○ Program the linens directly to the truck line (Work with AGV).

○ Can be connected to automatic packaging machines.

○ Automatically exclude damaged linen.

○ Can cooperate with AI visual recognition for linen quality inspection and elimination.​​